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Danilo Vanegas on Stage

Welcome to Danilo Vanegas, Commercial Director for EPR (Electrolux Professional), Laundry division for Latin America/Caribbean.

1) What kind of companies benefit or require certification?
Thank you for investing your time in our world of HACCP-Peru, and sharing with us your experiences at a regional and global level, regarding HACCP certification for laundry equipment for companies with an international or global presence.

Companies that produce and/or process any type of food or beverage. Companies that handle, stuff, pack, etc. food or beverages. There are other industries, such as the seed industry, or plants that also require laundry equipment to be HACCP/HACCP certified and not to be bacteria transporters, or to retain bacteria. Since the transfer of a bacterium to a plant via uniforms can damage the entire plant.

2) What kind of reach do the companies that EPR works with have? 
EPR, being a company with a presence in more than 150 countries, through all its representation and distribution channels can offer the same equipment, with the same level of service for any company that has a global presence, such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Cargill, Sodexo, etc.

3) What can EPR assure companies with a global presence such as Nestlé, Coca Cola, Walmart, etc., when they are looking for industrial laundry equipment for cleaning the uniforms of their plant employees?
As can be seen on the HACCP world website of SERFAC-Peru, we know that the complete decision process to invest, purchase, size, design, build, install, operate and maintain the laundry is not easy, and requires experience and operational knowledge of industrial laundry equipment. EPR can assure companies with a global presence that their local subsidiaries will receive the same level of service no matter where they are located in the world; via its different distribution channels, such as SERFAC, who are experts in:
  – Laundry sizing
  – Flow design and positioning of the equipment in 2D and 3D
  – The construction of the laundry with its technical data sheets and mechanical guides
  – Installation, commissioning, and training
  – Same level of warranty and future training for new laundry staff
  – Etc.

Additionally, they will have the guarantee that all the laundry equipment they purchased is HACCP/HACCP certified.

4) If I am a local company, can I benefit from HACCP/HACCP certified EPR equipment?
Very good question. If they can, just as global companies have local subsidiaries, these same global companies often decide to outsource local companies for the production or handling of the raw material, rather than opening their own subsidiary locally.

In this type of situation, the local company with a HACCP/HACCP certified laundry will have a competitive advantage to win the business, against its local competition with laundry without HACCP/HACCP certification.

5) Why?
Because HACCP/HACCP certification has global recognition; and it is usually a requirement of the global company’s parent outsourcing locally. For example, companies such as Nestlé ask for HACCP/HACCP certification from their local subcontractors throughout their process, including cleaning plant uniforms.

6) Are there any other brands that have HACCP/HACCP certification and laundry equipment?
As far as we know, today we are the only company that can deliver a certificate of conformity to our end users, ensuring that equipment is HACCP/HACCP certified. If you can’t be given the certificate of conformity it means that our computers are not HACCP/HACCP certified.

Well, thank you very much for your time, and we look forward to sitting down together again in the future soon.
This allows us to appreciate the importance of working with a brand with a global presence that has its HACCP/HACCP certified laundry equipment, verified with certificate of conformity, to ensure the safety of plant uniforms during cleaning.